Welcome to the LadyDancin Records web site

LadyDancin Records (LDR) is the vision of musical producer, singer/writer Chad Austin. The goal at LDR is to discover new and old music, create a musical network with this music and its artists, educate new artists on the music industry, and bring this music to the masses world-wide.

Connecting the Musical Dots

LadyDancin Records strives to reach not only contemporary music lovers, but also the folks who feel “today’s music isn’t what it used to be,” because we know today’s music is as equally creative as it’s ever been.

Finding Musical Gems

Another LDR specialty is discovering and re-releasing music from decades past and – if possible – restoring it with a contemporary sound. LadyDancin Records looks at these efforts as important historical musical documents that need to be preserved and enhanced for today’s musical audiences.

Thank you, from LadyDancin Records

We at LadyDancin Records hope you enjoy our work and support our artists for years to come. They’re worth it. You’re worth it.